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Our Clients Say

Esther- Goldendoodle puppy off leash at the beach

Working with Trisha as my dog trainer was an incredibly positive and enriching experience for both me and my golden doodle, Esther. Trisha is more than a trainer – she's a coach and mentor dedicated to the well-being and success of dogs and their owners.

Trisha's infectious enthusiasm creates a productive and enjoyable training atmosphere. She takes a dynamic, adaptive approach, tailoring her guidance to the unique needs and personalities of both the dog and owner. 

With a remarkable ability to go with the flow, Trisha embraces life's unpredictability, offering unwavering support and encouragement throughout the training process. Her coaching style empowers dog owners to navigate various situations, fostering a bonded relationship beyond basic commands. 

Trisha's commitment to seeing both owner and dog thrive is commendable. If you're seeking a dog trainer who is not only enthusiastic and encouraging but also flexible and adaptable, Trisha is the perfect choice. I highly recommend her for her skills, personalized approach, and passion for helping dogs and their owners flourish together in whatever adventure stage you and your companion are in.

Anne Lemmer

Hugo- Saint Bernese puppy laying down in grass with harness and leash.

Trisha was amazing with our puppy Hugo! She guided us through the beginning stages of puppy training and worked with us to take walks safely with our large breed St. Bernese. We worked on commands such as sit, stay, leave it and door greetings. We are grateful that we were able to learn from her while training Hugo in our home, backyard, and nearby walking trails. We highly recommend your Buddy’s Buddy!

Sarah Paris

Hugo- white labrador retriever laying down with harness and leash

Trisha has been such a great help with Hugo! We have really benefited from the training sessions and as a result we have been able to keep Hugo on point. Though we are through our 9 sessions we are definitely gonna be reaching out to Trisha in the future as Hugo grows and is ready for advanced training.

Thanks for always being available and guiding us through the process Trisha! We are so thankful!

Anisha Barbora Nyatee

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