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Sleepy puppies

You love your dog. Soon, everyone else will too.

If you’ve ever marveled at an off-leash dog sprinting back to their owner on cue or an on-leash
dog strolling past your lunging land shark with ease, you’ve probably wondered:

Why can’t my dog be like that?

Whether you’re navigating unreliable recall, leash reactivity, or the growing pains of puppyhood,I’ve got you covered.

Expert training to the rescue:
When and where you need it

Designed to fit your lifestyle:
Work toward the goals that matter most to you

Wild dog translator: Learn the “why” behind your dog’s behavior and learning style for a lifetime of companionship

How I Can Help


Dream Puppy Day Training

From land shark to lifelong friend

You knew your puppy would be a lot of work—but you weren’t quite prepared for them to turn into a four-legged piranha behind closed doors. Even the quiet ones need a little help learning the basics: relaxing indoors, greeting visitors politely, going potty outside, appropriate play, and  other skills that transform your playful pup into a steadfast companion.

As a puppy-raising expert, I’m ready to save your sanity! I’ll train your puppy with you or step in
to give them exercise, training, and a potty break while you work.

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Trail Buddy Training

Enjoy the journey with your best friend

You long to take your dog with you on all your outdoor adventures, but your dog just isn’t
reliable on the trail .... Yet.

From rock-solid recall to the simple trail manners that keep everyone safe, I’ll teach you and
your dog the skills you need to join forces on your greatest adventures.

Leash Reactivity

Make walks fun again

Is your dog a charmer off-leash, but a warrior on walks? To all the dog owners who walk before
dawn or in bad weather, hoping to avoid other dogs (not to mention judgy looks from your
neighbors), I see you.

Whether your dog enjoys the company of other dogs when they’re off-leash or not, we’ll
transform your rambunctious fur tornado back into your favorite walking buddy.


Choose your training path

Not sure where to start? Let’s talk!
Tell me about you and your dog, and I’ll recommend the best package for your goals.

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