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Welcome to
Your Buddy's Buddy

Does seeing a perfectly mannered dog give you a twinge of secret envy? You’re not alone.


That was me when my husband and I rescued our wild Kelpies, Cali and Duke. Their zest for life and boundless energy perfectly matched our love of the outdoors. But as they grew, so did our training challenges. 

What started as slight discomfort on leash around other dogs eventually escalated into full-blown reactivity. 

We tried it all, from startling “no” sounds to e-collars, only to watch their fear and reactivity intensify.

The process was heartbreaking. We needed a kinder approach that would guide their behavior in the right direction without eroding the trust we’d established. 

And that’s when I became a huge dog nerd. 

I dove headfirst into learning everything I could about dog behavior and how to shape it in ways that build trust and confidence. 

With 8 years of experience under my belt, I’m here to tell you that your dream dog is within reach. My mission is to help you get there. 

Whether you’re setting the stage with a new puppy or undoing some problem behaviors in your adult dog, I’m here to help you enjoy years of joyful adventures, free from stress and worry. 

Over the past decade, I’ve become
an expert at:

Focused attention, on or off the leash:

There’s a right way and a wrong way to get your dog’s attention—and if you’re doing it wrong, ignoring you has probably become a habit. I’ll teach your dog to look to you for guidance, leaving you both feeling calm and in control. 

Meeting you where you are:

Whether it’s in your home, at the park, or on a wooded trail, I’ll work with your dog in the environment that best supports the behavior you’re looking for in your best friend.

Training adventure companions for life:

Whether you’re a trail fanatic or prefer paved adventures, you want your pup by your side. I’ll help them learn the skills they need to accompany you on all of life’s adventures, wherever they may take you.

Hi! I’m Trisha, the heart and soul behind Your Buddy’s Buddy.

My life as a trainer was inspired by my high-maintenance kelpie rescues, Cali and Duke. It took a lot of hard work to turn them into the stress-free adventure companions I’d always wanted, and that journey helped me create the training plans I wished I’d had when I adopted my two bundles of energy. 

Supported by my loving family, I turned my dog nerdery and passion for trail adventures into a passion-fueled mission to help others rediscover the joy of dog ownership. 

I offer personalized positive reinforcement training that meets you and your dog where you are, transforming them into the perfect partner for all of life’s adventures. 


How do I know it works? Because I’ve been right where you are.

Transforming Cali and Duke’s behavior gave us the reliable on- or off-leash trail buddies we’d always dreamed of. We could finally bask in the beauty of the outdoors without having to worry about passing other dogs on a narrow stretch of trail.

I know exactly how complicated it can be to make the right choices about how to train your dog as they grow. With all the contradictory advice out there, it’s hard enough just deciding what to feed them, not to mention how to shape their behavior. 

The pride of teaching your dog to be happy, calm, and confident, even when the unexpected happens (off-leash neighborhood dog, anyone?) is like no other.

With commitment, patience, and the right strategy, you can have the buddy you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Does positive reinforcement training really work?
    I get it—there are a lot of mixed signals out there. You might have heard that having your dog work for rewards is a bad thing, or that the only way they’ll learn “who’s the boss” is to scare or intimidate them. ​ Here’s the thing: your dog isn’t trying to make your life harder. They’re scared and struggling, and punishing them only makes things worse. ​ Positive reinforcement was a game-changer for us. After years of training dogs with these methods, I know it will work for you, too. Every dog is an individual, and while no one can guarantee behavior, I can guarantee that I’ll support you and your dog every step of the way for as long as it takes. I’ll always be in your corner, working toward your goals in a way that works for you.
  • Do you train puppies?
    Did someone say puppies? Yes please! ​ Whether your furry friend is 8 weeks or 8+ years old, my passion lies in training behaviors that make both your lives better. Puppies hold a special place in my heart, and I’d love to help you lay a solid foundation for your little one’s future adventures. ​
  • What’s your service area?
    I’m proud to serve dog owners in Topsfield, MA, and most of Essex County. Not sure if you’re within my service area? Just ask!
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